Customs Clearance

Customs Clearance
Import and Export Services

As well as a range of transport services O’Toole Transport can offer customs clearance services for your business. We have a dedicated Brexit team operating 24/7.

Great Britain to Europe

O’Toole Transport specialises in getting seafood to the European market day 1 for day 2 and we pride ourselves on our fast and efficient service. If you are having any issues with getting your products to Europe from Great Britain we can help.

  • We have a dedicated VET based in our depot in Bellshill in Scotland to sign off Export Health certificates for our customers.
  • We can generate Export documents for your products to the EU.
  • We can also create T1 transit documents so your goods can clear at an inland facility to minimise delays at the port of arrival in Europe.
  • If your load needs to go to a BCP we have representatives to meet the truck and clear the Vet Control.
  • Our customs partner based in France can create import declarations for your goods and operate 24/7 so your load can clear customs at any time.

Ireland to Great Britain

We can generate Irish Export declarations and GB imports for your goods. If you have products of animal origin we can also do IPAFFs (Import of Products, Animals, Food and Feed System) entries on your behalf.

Great Britain to Ireland

We can generate GB Export declarations and Irish imports for your goods. We can also create CHEDs (Common Health Entry Document) on Traces NT if you have products of animal origin or plant origin. Throughout 2021 we have built up a great relationship with Irish customs and the Department of Agriculture to make loads moving through Dublin port as seamless as possible.

NI to GB / GB to NI

If you are moving goods from GB to IE and vice versa, O’Toole Transport can help and provide TSS (Trader Support Service) entries and generate GMRs (Goods Movement) on the GVMS (Goods Vehicle Movement Service) system to ensure your loads can get on the Ferries.


Entry/Exit Safety and Security declarations are now mandatory on some crossings and O’Toole Transport has the systems in place to do these for you.

T1 and T2 Transits

If you require transits to be generated, O’Toole Transport can provide T2’s from Ireland or Europe through the GB Landbridge

We can also generate T1 transits from Great Britain to and from Europe