Brexit – What it means for exporters

The post-Brexit landscape is still somewhat unclear as we wait for the final outcome of negotiations. We have yet to learn whether there will be a hard, soft or no-deal Brexit. However, it is prudent to keep up to date with the information currently available.

If the UK leaves the customs union, it will mean that a wide range of goods exported to Britain will be subject to additional tariffs and duties. Transport between the United Kingdom and the EU (including Ireland) may become more difficult and delays are expected – caused by the cumulative administration burden of all HGV drivers being required to declare what goods they are carrying and the origin of those goods.

Minimising the impact of potential delays

O’Toole Transport has already taken major steps to ensure that we maintain our record of delivering on time with the opening of a dedicated UK Depot in Bellshill Glasgow .

Invoices and Documents

Dealing with customs may require you to have additional documents. This may also mean a change in administrative procedures. Currently, indications are that the UK will continue to respect the current European customs systems and formalities. 

For exporters, the ‘minimum requirements’ that you will need to comply with will comprise the issuing of invoices for the drawing up of export/import documents. 

Invoices will, in any case, need to contain the following information:

  • EORI number (of the physical exporter)
  • EORI number (of the physical importer)
  • VAT code number (of the physical importer may be required)
  • Quantities
  • Weights (gross/net)
  • Description of goods
  • Commodity code (the international customs code for goods, made up of several digits)
  • Terms of delivery (Incoterms)
  • Value of the goods

Sensitive Goods and Foodstuffs

Where ‘sensitive goods’ (such as foodstuffs) are concerned, it is likely that new regulations will come into force for goods moving between Ireland and the UK. O’Toole Transport will keep our customers informed in relation to this as the post-Brexit deal becomes clearer.

At O’Toole Transport we are working hard on setting up our own internal customs agency in anticipation of Brexit. Once Brexit comes into effect, we expect to be able to take care of not only your transport needs but also any administrative (customs) formalities.

If you have any questions in relation to Brexit, contact: sales@otooletransport.com  and refer to PrepareForBrexit.com

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